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Blaze – A steam train experience

Blaze – A steam train experience is a virtual reality experience that I created together with my colleague Fredrik Gullbrandson, Minnamari Helmisaari & Daniel Nilsson. My main focus making this experience was gameplay programming, a lot of different system i.e. furnace and burning stuff and designing the materials and FX.

This experience was developed to demonstrate the different possibilities of virtual reality and the features of the Oculus Rift HMD. The players goal is to drive the train. This you do by burning stuff (many things burn) and hence build up the temperature in the furnace and in it’s turn the steam pressure that is needed to drive the train.

The target audience was kids at an event called Forskarfredag (Researcher’s night) at Kreativum Science Center in Karlshamn.

Time to create this: 140 hours in total




Blaze - Controlpanel

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