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Zen Gems

ZenGems is another game developed by Custom Red Software Studios that I took part in developing. ZenGems was developed for FreshGames. My role in this projects was as a programmer, taking part in building the entire game from scratch, layer-based ball rendering and programming visual effects.

Quick thinking and clever strategy gets you through the many devious puzzles as Hoshiko seeks the Medallions of Virtue to save his Grandfather’s temple. Zem Gems LogoUnlock captivating new worlds while discovering magical power-ups and exciting shoot-and-match gameplay strategies. Master ColorBursts, EnergyBalls, PusherBalls and more in Arcade Mode, then follow Hoshiko into an exciting Adventure across 13 mystical worlds.

Play the game online

You can try the game online, thanks to Fresh Games and their flash conversion. It´s not entirely representative of what we created, but close.



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