EPOC – Experimental Platform for Object Oriented C++




EPOC is short for Experimental Platform for Objectoriented C++

EPOC is a object oriented wrapper for Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL). I originally designed it to be used as a learning platform in university courses teaching beginner level C++ at Blekinge Institute of Technlogy.

With EPOC you can create visual applications/games even with little programming experience. It is very simple to create images, animations, text, sound, and music with EPOC. EPOC is although very flexible and allows the user to dig deep if he wants to, or keep it very simple if that’s needed!


EPOC is based on SDL, SDL image, SDL Mixer, SDL TTF and somewhat on OpenGL. Hence EPOC supports loading of the following resource formats and the use of any SDL functionality that exists in the SDL libraries listed above.

  • Graphics
    • Bmp, gif, jpeg, lbm, pcx, png, pnm, tga, tiff, xcf, xpm and xv
  • Sound
    • Wave, aiff, riff, ogg and voc
  • Music
    • Wave, mod, midi, ogg and mp3
  • Font
    • TrueType


Animation Example

Combined Example


Mixed screenshots


Latest EPOC, v0.9.3.1

Older versions

Feedback, feature request

If you want to you can give me feedback, request features or submit bugs on EPOC either post a comment on this page or send me and email to epoc_feedback@svegland.se! Be careful to describe your problem in depth and tell me which IDE your using.

If you made something cool with EPOC i would really like you to submit some content to me. The content can be screenshots, movies (avi, wmv, mov) or binary. Please send your content to epoc_cool@svegland.se!